Liberate Your Passion

Ideas inspire.  Ideas energize. Ideas are the building blocks of invention.  When ideas meet environments that allow them to thrive they become the movers and shapers of industry.  There’s no better lens to view the impact of ideas than through the lens of entrepreneurship.

Often times our passions incubate ideas.  Once these ideas fully develop we want to share them with the world and starting a business is one of the best mechanisms for that.  Most of the time we are confident and bold about our ideas themselves but, when attempting to establish them into a solid business plan, we come up short.

The landscape of business has changed drastically in the past couple decades and now it is changing faster than ever.  It can be hard keeping up with the newest trends and most effective marketing strategies. Many entrepreneurs begin their journey with excitement but find themselves quickly bogged down under the weight of running the business.  How do we maintain that passion that originally set us on this journey?

The answer lies in synergy, one of Stephen Covey’s seven habits.

The business landscape today is centered on technology.  One cannot hope to make their ideas known, let alone establish a market for them, without understanding this landscape.  And there is much to understand.

With 45% of marketers increasing the awareness of their brand through social media and 67% using facebook it’s easy to see that social media is now a central fixture in this landscape.  We also see a monumental push from businesses to achieve search engine optimization (SEO); a necessity if our ideas will achieve any footing.  If we hope for our ideas to have any impact we also need to give careful attention to conversion rate optimization (CRO). How do these fixtures in the landscape of business work together to solidify our idea into a viable business plan?  Synergy.

But wait!  Aren’t these the very things that bog us down in the first place?  Isn’t it these concerns that take us away from our passions? What can we do that will allow us to give more attention to our ideas and yet not neglect the business side of our endeavor?  Here the answer also lies in synergy.

At Mpress we strive to free you up to focus on your passions while we focus on ours.  What are we passionate about here at Mpress? Our passion revolves around web development, marketing strategies, and seeing entrepreneurs working in their passions freely.  The picture of synergy lies in us doing what we do best so that you can do what you do best. Let us worry about SEO and CRO and social media presence. Let us deal with the ins and outs of web development.  Together we can do far more than either of us can accomplish on our own.