UX Design & Prototyping

Often overlooked and underrated but can save you thousands. With the the proper initial ux design and prototyping you’ll only have to build the app once.

Web Development

Custom, Modern, and Rapid Web Development built to scale and last. We build websites, web apps, web services, and serverless applications.

iOS Development

Developing performant and scalable mobile apps on iPhone and iPad using React Native, Swift, and Objective-C including CI/CD using fastlane and TestFlight.

Android Development

Custom application development on Android using React Native, Flutter, and Java to fast and scalable application deployed natively on device.

Emerging/Applied Technology

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and web service APIs, and more.

Cloud Orchestration

Application deployment, management, and scalability through DevOps, Cloud Orchestration, Cloud management and more.

Building apps can be hard but using them shouldn’t be

Need a Complete Custom Solution?

For over 8 years, mpress has build completely custom development projects for most of our clients. We’ve worked with very unique, innovative, and start-up companies and projects.

Flexible Budget Solutions

We understand entrepreneurship and start-ups. We customize and cater your development plans and solutions based on your budget demands.

Have Questions?

Send us a note. We would love to answer any questions in your journey to create the next software project for your company.

Why should I choose Mpress Technologies?
What services do you provide?
How do I become a client?
Why choose Continuous Integration and Delivery?
What cloud providers do you work with?
What is it like working with mpress after on-boarding?
How does communication work at mpress?
Why should I choose Mpress Technologies?

Mpress is not your average custom software development shop. Our culture, process, innovation, and customer experience expertise are the essentials that make us great. Our focus is to impress your users without the pains of difficult engineering. Our teams have decades of software engineering expertise with an emphasis on usability and user experience. We stand out with our ability to create rapid, innovative software easy to use.

What services do you provide?
  • UX design and prototyping. Test-drive features on the web, mobile, and desktop before engineering begins.
  • Frontend web development using modern technologies on the browser such as React, Angular, Vue, Polymer, and more.
  • iOS Development for iPhone and iPad using React Native, Swift, and Objective-C.
  • Android Development for mobile and tablet devices using React Native, Flutter, and Java.
  • Backend web services using languages and frameworks such as Python, Django, Flask, Golang, GO Buffalo, Ruby on Rails, and support for PHP projects, etc.
  • Database engineering with Postgres, MongoDB, Firebase, Firestore, AWS RDS, and more.
  • DevOps using Serverless, kubernetes, Docker, Crashalytics, TestFlight, and more.
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment using GitHub, GitLab, Circle CI, Travis CI, Jenkins, Bamboo, Bitbucket Pipelines, and more.
How do I become a client?

We are in high demand at Mpress Technologies but always accepting applications for new clients. Our process for on boarding new clients include 3 key stages:

  1. Strategy Session – This is a quick 30 minute phone call to learn about your project and assess if we are a good fit.
  2. Project Discovery – after a successful strategy session you will provide additional details, documents, and information for us to scope out your project to make ballpark estimates.
  3. Project On-Boarding – once a high-level project scope and road map is estimated we’ll begin a project on-boarding process that includes defining the:
    • Promise of the Product
    • Product Scenarios and Work flows
    • Tech Stack and Architecture Designs
Why choose Continuous Integration and Delivery?

In the rush to a start-up prototype, so many entrepreneurs fail to see the massive value of setting up CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) at the beginning but always wish they did.

Setting up the CI/CD first allows agile development and deployment to move fast without the fear of quality regression. This architecture decision can be the one mistake made preventing your project to scale your team and increase velocity while maintaining and improving your quality.

What cloud providers do you work with?

Since we are a software shop filled with innovation and working with start-ups we have a vast amount of experience working with many cloud providers.

The most important cloud provider we work with the most is AWS (Amazon Web Services). then comes GCP (Google Cloud Provider), and often Digital Ocean, Vultr, Heroku, and more.

What is it like working with mpress after on-boarding?

At mpress, our teams function using agile and scrum methodologies. From day one we start with sprints and stand-ups creating epics, stories, tasks, etc. If you are not familiar with scrum that is ok. Every project includes a customer service rep to focus on your needs; a product manager who focuses on the demands on the product keeping and sticking to the “promise of the product”; and lastly every project has a scrum master who managers the team to stay on task week to week.

So, after a few weeks you’ll see us deploying new versions (application progress) every few days, daily standup meetings with developers, bi-weekly sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives, and lastly daily active communication between the team on a Slack channel you are invited to….and if you don’t care for all this insight into the process you can just keep in touch with customer success rep for product release updates and more.

How does communication work at mpress?

Mpress is headquartered in Austin, TX and with teams in USA (including Florida, New York, California, and Washington), Turkey, Macedonio, and Costa Rica. All of our communication is managed by: Slack, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira, Google Meet, Zoom, and of course email, text, and calls. Our teams are strong, independent, and autonomous to work in our offices and remote. On all our projects we invite our clients to join us on any and every communication channel.

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